Conveniently located between four major concrete companies, we have gained considerable experience over the years in making, modifying, maintaining and implementing moulds for the pre-cast concrete industry.

Add to that cages, fixings and fittings, we have worked hand in hand on major projects in the region, from the Westpac Stadium in the late 1990’s to today’s major roading projects in our region.

We not only have the equipment, but also the know-how to deliver to specifications on time, whilst working in close partnership with our customers for them to achieve their objectives and deadlines. In major infrastructure projects like that, working closely together in partnership is key to success.

Our experienced engineers are regularly deployed to various on-site locations to complete analysis, repair and installations work.

Man Power

We are able to contract out our Site Safe certified engineers to large projects, such as M2PP where several Riverbank employees are on long term secondment to the pre-cast yards.

Contact us to discuss whether our experienced engineers can lend their expertise to your project.